Resolving Microsoft Fabric issue on Lync 2013 SBA

I recently got an error on Microsoft Fabric that is installed on my Lync SBA. As a result, the Lync 2013 Front End service refuse to start with an error about the other Front End being down. This message doesn’t really make sense for an SBA since there is only 1 Front End on the pool. following is the exact error and the solution to solve it.


Cause: This is normal when Pool is bootstrapped and indicates that the Front-End is waiting for a quorum of other Front-Ends to be started.
If this event recurs persistently, ensure that 85% of the Front-Ends configured for this Pool are up and running. For 2 or 3 machine Pools, initial cold-start of the Pool requires all machines to be started. If multiple Front-Ends have been recently decommissioned, run Reset-CsPoolRegistrarState -ResetType QuorumLossRecovery to enable the Pool to recover from Quorum Loss and make progress.

This is clearly a case where Microsoft Fabric configuration is messed up. One solution is to stop fabric to block the automatic configuration, republish the topology to force the update of the SBA pool and then restart the SBA to force fabric to rebuild is configuration based on the new data transmitted during publishing the topology.

  • Stop Windows Fabric service on the SBA
  • Re-Publish Lync Topology
  • Reboot SBA

Hope that help, if you find other way, fell free to comment…

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