PortQueryUI for SBA usage


Couple of month ago, I posted a paper that was giving all the ports used by the SBA SBC and Lync SBA Ports . We can found couple of list that are giving the required port to be open for Skype and especially for SBA. This page content a small tools that I improved to be able to test the connectivity between the SBA and all the other server that are part of the Skype environment.


You can found it here: PortQryUI_Skype


  1. Start the tools launching portqueryui.exe
  2. Select the type of test you want to run:
    • From Skype 2015 SBA To DC
    • From Skype 2015 SBA To BE
    • From Skype 2015 SBA To FE
    • From Skype 2015 SBA To SBC
    • From Skype 2015 SBA To CMS Master
  3. Fill the fqdn of the corresponding server
  4. You will get the result into the central panel, if your port is open you should see it a LISTENING


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