Lync user assign to an SBA pool can’t have VoiceMail


Voice mail is an interesting feature of Lync 2013 / Exchange 2013 integration, but it’s not really dynamic and adaptive. This is a little how-to check if the users assign to one of your SBA can’t have a voice mail.

If your Lync client get stuck at the step of forwarding the call to the Voice mail, you can try the following:


  1. Use the Get-UMIPGateway cmdlet to view the new UM IP gateway or gateways that were created.
  2. If your SBA is missing is our case, on your Exchange Server, type cd “<drive letter>\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V15\Scripts>.ExchUcUtil.ps1”, and then press Enter
  3. Use the Get-UMIPGateway cmdlet again to be sure your SBA pool have been added:
  4. Ensure that the port 5061, 5063 and 5066 of your Exchange Server are reachable from your SBA Server.

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