Sonus SBC1k/2k

Resolving Microsoft Fabric issue on Lync 2013 SBA

I recently got an error on Microsoft Fabric that is installed on my Lync SBA. As a result, the Lync 2013 Front End service refuse to start with an error about the other Front End being down. This message doesn’t really make sense for an SBA since there is only 1 Front End on the pool. following is the exact error and the solution to solve it.
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PortQueryUI for SBA usage


Couple of month ago, I posted a paper that was giving all the ports used by the SBA SBC and Lync SBA Ports . We can found couple of list that are giving the required port to be open for Skype and especially for SBA. This page content a small tools that I improved to be able to test the connectivity between the SBA and all the other server that are part of the Skype environment.

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Using REST API to update Sonus SBA on SBC1000/2000


SBA required different type of update:

  • SbcComms update
  • Lync Cumulative Update
  • Windows Update RollUp

All this update can be done trough WebUI but they can also be trigger using the Sonus REST API that can be scripted with Powershell. This article describe all the steps required to update an SBA. It also contains a “All In One” script that will completely update an ASM automatically.

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Using REST to deploy an SBA on Sonus SBC1000/2000


This is a guide writes for the Sonus SBC1000/2000 with SBA. It may sometime be needed to deploy the SBA using scripting. To do it, the REST API is available and allow us to have a dynamic script that will start all the action and wait for their completion. This article contains all the steps required one by one then a script that is completely deploying the SBA in 30 min without human interaction.

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Using Powershell 3.0 and REST to access Sonus SBC1000/2000


Since release 3.0 of Sonus SBC 1000/2000 firmware, REST license is free of charge and you can use it for multiple scenarios.

REST APIs are provided for developers who want to programmatically integrate the Sonus SBC 1000/2000 into their applications, and for administrators who want to script interactions with the Sonus SBC 1000/2000.

One of these scenarios is scripting provisioning, that allows you to program multiple SBCs with same parameters, in a one shot execution instead of having to program manually one by one each SBCs.

This is often the case when you need to deploy multiple SBCs in a same country, creating the same routing and transformation tables manually each time.

Here are some quick start tips to let you easily jump into REST programming through Microsoft Powershell.

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